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Tracking employee wellness and health isn't just about COVID anymore.

At SymptomVue, we have provided software allowing businesses to provide wellbeing/symptom check-ins to better focus on the needs of their people.

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Daily Data Collection

  • Wellness/symptom data is entered on employee's personal device
  • Data is sent to your platform, then broken down and organized by category
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Automated Temperature Screening

  • Infrared cameras accurately record temperatures (even while wearing a mask)
  • Cameras help eliminate chance for human error
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Multi-Site/Multiple Points of Entry

  • Platform allows for full management of employee check-ins
  • Can support multiple office locations/entries
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Single VUE of Information

  • Web-based platform allows for information to be available in one centralized location
  • Multiple site check-ins are also VUEable in one location
Hands-Free Scanning & Data Logging
Here's How it Works
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Pick Your Plan and Sign Up

Pick your plan based on the number of employees you have across all of your locations and sign up for SymptomVue.


Collect Daily Check-In Data

Start having employees and visitors check-in and log data. Get instant access to dashboard data across locations in real-time.


Get Back to Business Safely

Meet CDC guidelines and take a proactive approach to monitoring and limiting the spread of illness with your business and customers.

Snapshot of the SymptomVue Dashboard

SymptomVue Dashboard Real-Time Data

SymptomVue offers a real-time software that allows you to instantaneously monitor and manage your employee’s symptom check-ins, temperature updates, and more. Once this information is entered, it is uploaded into SymptomVue’s interactive platform for you to access at any time.

The SymptomVue Dashboard shows you a summary of all the data you have collected (in the last 30 days). It can be broken down by store/office (if you have operations in multiple locations) and provide an overall count on your employees’ health status.

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Staying Safe

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Enter Information on YOUR Device

Put an end to paying employees to sit and take temperatures manually. We. Cannot. Stress. This. Enough. With SymptomVue's touchless tools and accessible software, there will be no more shared devices. Logging symptoms and health updates can be done virtually anywhere since our software is web-based.

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It's Not Just About COVID

Stay on top of the health of your workforce. Prepare your business and employees for any future threats that could disrupt your workforce and compromise the health and safety of your workers. COVID was just the opening act but for us, it was the push we needed.
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Hands-Free Automated Technology

Our infrared temperature sensor and facial recognition software allows for temperatures and facial profiles to be created, screened, and stored all without touch - all while wearing a protective mask. 

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Alerting & Reporting

Our software offers real-time communication as well as risk alerts. Abnormal health conditions/symptoms will trigger an alert and security notification to the appropriate supervisors. 
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